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What causes split-ends and 8 ways to prevent it from happening

Prevent Hairbreakage Split-ends

Split-ends, we have all been there. The feeling when a hair tip suddenly splits, and by the time you will notice more split-ends appear and your hair becomes more fragile. At that moment – you have to figure out how you can stop the split-ends showing up and find a way to prevent it from happening.

What causes split-ends?

Split-ends are very common, it happens to most of us. Split-ends appear when your hair is dry, damaged, if you have been exposed to the sun or if you have used heat tools. Unfortunately, we can’t fix split-ends, we have to cut them off. But, don’t give up hope – there are ways that can prevent split-ends from happening.

Björk Skydda

1. Hair routine for your hair type

First of all, you need to set up a good routine for your hair. Find a hair routine that will give your hair what it needs. If you have dry hair – go for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you have thin and fine hair, you should invest in a volumizing shampoo and conditioner or if your hair is damaged – try a shampoo and conditioner with repairing properties. Your hair will feel better when you have a routine, and when the hair feels better – it will reduce the risk of split-ends showing up.

Dry or curly hair: Björk FUKT Hydrate Shampoo and conditioner
Thin and fine hair: Björk HÖJD Volume Shampoo and conditioner
Damaged hair: Björk LAGA repair shampoo and conditioner

All of Björk’s products are vegan, sustainable, and made in Sweden.

2. Hair treatment once a week

Hair treatment will add a boost of moisture to your hair. When your hair is hydrated, it will become stronger and more resistant. This will prevent split-ends from happening. You can use Hair treatment 1-2 times a week. FUKT Hydrate Treatment has a formula with argan- and sunflower oil that will add moisture to your hair.

3. Heat protection to avoid split-ends

Protect your hair from heat damage. Heat is one of the things that damage our hair the most. If you think about it – most of the heat tools that we use today have a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our hair becomes more fragile and the heat causes hair breakage. If you use SKYDDA heat protector it will act as a shield around your hair strands. The shield or barrier – will protect your strands from the heat. SKYDDA heat protector will also add nutrition to your hair and prevent split-ends to appear.

4. Be gentler to your hair

Instead of brushing your hair when it’s wet. Try to brush it gently before you wash your hair, when you conditioner your hair – use your fingers to detangle your hair. When your hair is wet, it becomes more fragile. Brushing while your hair is wet, will cause more damage to your hair. This is one reason that will make split-ends appear faster.

5. Blow Dry with a lower temperature

In the same way, heat tools cause heat damage to your hair, the same thing happens while you blowdry your hair. If you don’t have time to air dry your hair, try to use your blow dryer with a lower temperature. This is gentler to your hair and will protect it from damage and split-ends. Even when you blowdry your hair, it is important to add protection. FORMA HÖJD, FORMA LOCKAR and SKYDDA provide heat protection.

6. Use scrunchies instead of hair-ties

Even if we love to have our hair in a nice bun or ponytail, the hair tie may cut off our hair. If you always have your hair in a tight ponytail every day, your hair will get more fragile and it will cause breakage and split ends. There is an option that is gentler to your hair. If you use a scrunchie instead of a regular rubber band, it will cause less damage to your hair. A scrunchie is softer and you can pull your hair without breakage happening.

7. Get regular haircuts to prevent split-ends

A regular visit to the salon will make your hair healthier and you will get rid of split ends and damaged hair. Your hair will look – and feel more healthy and stay stronger for a longer time.

8. Use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair too often

Try to not wash your hair daily. If you wash your hair too often, your hair’s natural oils will disappear and this can make your hair dry out, and split ends will show up. Try to wash your hair 1-2 days a week. And of course, we all know it’s hard and some days we have appointments or events where we need to have freshly clean hair. But those days that you just want to make your hair feel fresher – use a dry shampoo. FORMA TORR Dry Shampoo will remove fat excess oil and neutralize unwanted odor.

To summarize everything – moisture is one of the most important things to avoid split-ends. The combination of moisturizing, protecting your hair from heat, and being more gentle to your hair – will make your hair look more flawless than ever before.

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