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Dry scalp – products and ways that will help to get rid of it

dry scalp

Have you ever felt that your skin gets drier during weather changes? In the same way, your skin gets drier – so is your scalp. 
But there are ways to get rid of that itchy, irritating feeling on the scalp.

Get rid of hair product build-up

Strong hair products can cause an irritating feeling on your scalp. Specifically when the weather gets colder, the scalp becomes more sensitive and drier. It can be hard to get rid of the hair products, by using a purifying shampoo you will deeply clean your hair. RENA Purifying Shampoo contains lime and green tea. It’s a clarifying shampoo that gets rid of all products, dirt, and build-up oils. By using Rena Purifying Shampoo, you will restore the balance of your scalp, it will also reduce itching and prevent irritation. 

RENA Purifying Shampoo

Products that are good for dry scalp

If your scalp is dry, you need to take care of your hair and be gentle to your scalp. By using products that contain good ingredients, you will see a big difference in your hair condition. All Björk’s shampoos and conditioners contain birch extract. Birch extract is an ingredient that soothes irritated skin.
Depending on your hair type, you can choose from different series.

Fine and thin hair:

HÖJD Volume Shampoo and conditioner is a good option if you have fine, thin, and lifeless hair. It will add volume and nourishment to your hair. Höjd volume series contains birch extract and vitamin B5 that hydrates and soothes your scalp.

Dry and damaged hair:
LAGA Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner will repair your hair and give it a boost of moisture. It contains repairing algae- and birch extract that’s improve your hair quality, prevent frizz, and soothe your scalp.

Dry or Curly hair:
If you have dry, curly, or dyed hair you need to add moisture to your hair. FUKT Hydrating shampoo and conditioner contain argan oil, sunseed oil, and birch extract that hydrates your hair. It will also give your hair a silky feeling and reduce and soothe irritated scalp.

The best tips for preventing dry scalp

Do not wash your hair too often
Don’t overwash your hair. Washing your hair too often – it will cause your hair and scalp to become dehydrated.

Deep cleanse your hair
Using RENA purifying shampoo will remove hair products, excess sebum, and dirt.

Use shampoo and conditioner with nourish properties
Use Shampoo with ingredients that will prevent dry scalp, itchy feeling, and in the same way, nourish your hair.
All Björk’s Shampoo and conditioner contains Birch extract that reduces irritation, soothes your scalp, and gives strength to your hair.

Use styling products in moderation
We need to style our hair – that’s a fact. However, the products affect our hair. Some products can cause build-ups in your hair that cause itchy feelings. When styling – choose products with good ingredients. All Björk’s styling products have properties that are also good for your hair.
Depending on your hair type, you can choose from different series.
Discover the stylingproducts here

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