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Fine and thin hair – The best products for fine hair

Fine and thin hair can have a tendency to feel lifeless. It can feel like a struggle to get volume – but by using the right products you will give your hair the best conditions to make it feel thicker and voluminous.
When you have fine hair, your hair is thinner in circumference. Even if you have an abundance of hair on your head, it will still lay flat on your head. By adding products that give your hair volume and makes your strands feel thicker, it will be a gamechanger for you and your hair.

Purifying Shampoo

If your hair has a tendency to feel greasy or that you don’t get rid of all products – you should use a purifying shampoo once a week. By using RENA purifying shampoo you will remove all styling products, dirt and build up oils. It will restore your hair’s softness, shine and manageability. It will also help hair masks and treatments penetrate better.

Shampoo for fine and thin hair

There are several different types of shampoos that are suitable for different hair types. If you have thin, fine and lifeless hair – you should use a lightweight shampoo that adds volume. HÖJD volume shampoo is a volumizing shampoo, it contains vitamin B5 which makes your hair thicker, more elastic and gives your hair volume. It also contains birch extract which has a calming effect on your scalp.

Conditioner for fine and thin hair

Thin and fine hair tends to get tangled. Therefore, it is important to use a detangling conditioner and in the same place give your hair volume. HÖJD Conditioner is detangling and will moisturize your hair, give it more volume and shine. It contains B5 which gives volume, fullness, elasticity and strengthens the hair’s structure. This conditioner will protect your hair from breakage, make it less frizzy and leave it detangled.

Styling for thin and fine hair

In the same way you should use volumizing shampoo and conditioner for thin and fine hair, you will notice a big difference by using volumizing styling products.

After you have washed your hair, apply FORMA HÖJD Root Lifter in your hair. It is a heat protective volume spray.
Spray directly where you want volume and lift – which usually is the hair roots. When you blow-dry your hair, the product will be activated and create texture and volume into your hair.

If you want more texture, you can use FORMA SALT, which is a salt spray. It will give you more texture and create volume. It has a formula with moisturizing minerals that strengthens your hair and nourishes it.

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