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Hair wax – Guide to find the right wax for your hair type

Which hair wax should I use for my hair type? This is a question we all have wondered – especially today when there are plenty of different types of hair wax. The type of hair wax you need depends entirely on your hair type, if you got short, long or curly hair. It also depends on which result you are looking for.
Here is a small guide on the difference between different waxes and when to use them to suit your needs.

Why use wax in your hair?

Many people use wax to give the hair a more natural and relaxed feeling – instead of the hair lying flat on the head. And some people just want a more proper look or a casual style for work. Hair wax is a product that gives you many opportunities for how you want your hair to look. A wax can give your hair a shiny, matte or natural end result. The benefits with wax are many, because it can completely change your look. It is a product that works well with alot of hairstyles and lengths, all from long to short. Which wax you should choose depends a lot on your hair type, for example if you have thin hair, a hard wax can weigh down your hair and not give you the result you are striving for.

How to use hair wax

When using wax, it is recommended to apply it on dry hair. It is best to work up the wax across the palms of your hands and rub them together before applying it to your hair, by working it up you avoid getting lumps of wax in your hair. It will also be easier to apply.

Which wax should I use?

Forma Lagom Medium Hold Wax

If you are looking for a natural look and a hair wax that fits all hairstyles – this is the one for you. This is a creamy wax that has a medium strength. Which makes it easy to distribute and suitable for all hair types – both long and short hair. It gives your hair a low shine. This is a wax that is suitable for all hairstyles without weighing down your hair – but it still keeps your hair in place the whole day. You can choose if you want medium hold wax in a jar or in a tub.

Forma Hårt Strong Hold Wax

If you need complete control – this one’s for you. This is a strong hold wax. With Strong hold wax you can be sure that your hair stays in place throughout the day. It is an easy-to-apply wax that does not leave a feeling that the hair feels sticky or greasy.

Forma Lera Clay wax

Forma Lera Clay wax gives your hair a matte finish. This wax is easy to apply and fits for you who want a more playful look. If you have fine hair, it will give you hair more volume. It has a slightly drier texture but still gives your hair a high stability. This is also suitable for you with longer hair who want to get down unwanted hairs without getting a glossy finish.

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