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How to get more volume in your hair with the right products

Girl with volume

Voluminous hair is something that most of us want to achieve. But not all of us are born with full, thick hair or waves that make your hair feel bouncy. If your hair usually falls flat and you wonder how to add volume to your hair – you will get some tips that hopefully will help!

Prepare your hair in the best way

The key to achieving more volume in your hair is that you need to prepare your hair in the best way. All steps from washing to styling. You will see a big difference by using the right products, with properties thats give volume and make your hair fuller.

HÖJD Volume Conditioner and Shampoo

Shampoo that gives your hair volume

If you have thin hair, you probably have very fine strands. To improve this, you should use a shampoo that makes your hair fuller and makes it more volumized.
HÖJD Volume Shampoo is a light weighted shampoo that gives your hair volume, and in the same way, makes your hair feel thicker.
It contains vitamin B5 and birch extract, which are ingredients that give volume, strength, and shine.

Volume conditioner for thin and fine hair

Thin hair can easily get tangled and by using a detangling volumizing conditioner your hair will get easier to work with and in the same way get more volume and hydrated.
HÖJD Volume Conditioner will make your hair voluminous and feel smoother. It also contains Vitamin B5 and birch extract, which will give strength, hydration, and add shine to your hair.

Styling products that will boost your volume

After you have prepped your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner it’s time for the styling. When it comes to styling for thin and fine hair you need products that will lift your hair and make more texture.
Björk FORMA HÖJD Root Lifter is a heat protectant spray that gives you hair volume. Apply it into towel-dried hair by spraying it onto your roots. The easiest way is to hold your hair up in sections when you spray.
After you have applied Root Lifter spray you can use your blow dryer to get more volume in your hair. These are different techniques for using a blow dryer. By using a round brush – you can build up more volume in your hair.
When your hair is dry – finish with Björk FORMA SALT salt spray for extra volume and texture.

Other tips for a volumizing result

Change your hairpart

If you always have your hair in the same part. Try to switch – that will help to lift your hair away from your scalp and it will create more volume.

Get a volumizing haircut

If you have fine and thin hair, you can cut your hair in layers. Layering will make your hair bouncier and it will be easier for you to make texture and volume in your hair.

A curly or wavy hairstyle will give your hair volume

Curly and wavy hairstyles will give your hair a more voluminous look. Curl your hair in sections. Leave each curled section and let them cool and set. This will make your curls hold for much longer. Brush your hair gently. Finish with FORMA TEXTUR texture spray for more volume in your curls.

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