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How to SLEEK BUN! – A quick guide to the perfect hairstyle

Hairstyles come and go, but one hairstyle that is timeless, elegant, and here to stay- will be the classic sleek bun. Probably all of us have been doing the messy bun, it’s the perfect hairstyle for laid-back days. But if you want a more proper look – a sleek bun is the way to go!

How to do a sleek bun

  1. The sleek bun is a perfect hairstyle even if you have greasy or freshly washed hair. When you have greasy hair it tends to lay down and be easier to manage, otherwise, you can apply FORMA TEXTUR texture spray into your hair if you want more texture.

  2. When you do a sleek bun, it will be easier to work with straight hair. Apply SKYDDA heat protector into your hair. The heat protection spray will eliminate frizz and protect from heat.
    Straighten your hair in sections with an iron.

  3. Do a middle or a side part with a comb, and gently brush your hair to make it smooth and detangled.

  4. Put your hair in a low or high ponytail depending on whether you want a high or low bun. Brush your hair to make it smooth and tight, it will give a sleeker and more proper look.

  5. Grab your ponytail and twist it around to make a bun. Secure the bun with hair ties and bobby pins.

  6. Use the TÄMJA flyaway tamer if you still have baby hair, frizz, or flyaways. It will gain control over your flyaways, and in the same way, nourish your hair.

  7. Finish the look with SPRAYA HÅRT Strong Hold Hairspray, a hair spray with strong hold and humidity protection.

    Now you will have a classic sleek bun that will hold the whole day!


Products you can use for the perfect bun

Shampoo and Conditioner:
Depending on your hair type you can choose between HÖJD, LAGA or FUKT

Fine and thin hair – HÖJD Volume shampoo and conditioner
Dry and damaged hair – LAGA Repairing shampoo and conditioner
Dry, curly, or dyed hair – FUKT Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Styling products:

SKYDDA Heat Protector: A heat protection spray that protects your hair from heat, eliminates frizz, and hydrates your hair.

FORMA Texture spray: A texture spray that gives your hair volume and texture.

SPRAYA HÅRT Strong Hold Hairspray: A hairspray with a strong hold that also gives your hair protection from humidity. It has a formula of sunflower extract and panthenol that works antistatically. It’s a perfect finish spray that will add a little bit of shine to your hair.

TÄMJA Flyaway tamer: Tämja flyaway tamer helps you to take control over baby hair and flyaways. It contains coconut oil, shea butter, and amino acids that give your hair nourishment, moisture, and shine.

All products from Björk are 100% vegan, sustainable, and made in Sweden.

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