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How to take care of colored hair and make the color last longer

Colored Hair

Colored hair needs to be treated well. Even if you have blond, brunette, red or platinum hair – you need to take care of your hair. Maybe you have felt that your hair becomes dry, frizzy, or damaged after color treatment? 

Why colored hair is more fragile

When you dye your hair, it creates a chemical reaction. The reaction makes the outer layer of your hair shaft – the cuticle open. This allows chemicals to penetrate the cortex (the middle layer of your hair) And add permanent color to your hair.
The chemicals make your hair more fragile. To build up your hair strength, you need to give it extra attention. This means that you must add moisture, protect and be gentle to it. By doing those steps, it will make your color last longer, and your hair will be healthier.
Here are some tips on how you take care of colored hair

Laga Repairing

1. Wash your hair wisely

Even if it’s hard, your hair will be more fragile and dry out if you wash your hair too often. If you have colored hair, your hair will be less shiny and healthy if you over wash it. Try to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Between your washes, use FORMA TORR Dry Shampoo. It will remove fat excess oil and neutralize unwanted odors. Your hair will get more texture and volume.

2. Shampoo for colored hair

Shampoo for colored hair will protect your color and make it last for longer. All Björk’s shampoo is color-safe. It has properties that make your hair look shinier, hydrated, and make your hair full of life.

3. Use a hydrating conditioner for colored hair

When you have colored your hair, it needs more moisture. Therefore, it’s important to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. A conditioner makes your hair smooth; it adds moisture and makes your hair less tangled.
Björk FUKT Hydrating Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner that contains nourishing properties that will make your hair look and feel healthy.
If your hair is dry and damaged – you should use Björk LAGA Repairing Conditioner, which contains repairing algae- and birch extract that will restore your hair, add moisture, and eliminate frizz.

4. Protect colored hair

Hot tools and UV rays are something that damages the hair. By adding a heat protectant to your hair routine, you can make sure your hair is protected and make the color last longer. SKYDDA Heat protector will protect your hair from heat and UV rays. It also contains birch extract, panthenol, and antioxidants that rebuild damaged hair and prevent split ends.

5. Treatment once a week will add moisture to colored hair

The fact that colored hair is drier and more fragile, makes it even more important to give it an intense moisture boost. Björk FUKT Hydrate Treatment works perfectly on colored hair, it has a nutrition formula with birch extract, argan oil, and sunflower oil that improves hair quality, moisturizes, soothes the scalp, and will give a silky feeling.
Use FUKT Hydrate Treatment once a week.

6. Silver shampoo and conditioner for bleached and blond hair

If you have bleached your hair, it is common that the hair naturally gets a yellow brassy tone. By using AG Silver Shampoo and conditioner once a week, you will neutralize yellow shades. AG Silver Shampoo and AG Silver Conditioner also have nourished properties that will add shine, eliminate frizz, and soothe your scalp.

Here you can find some tips to get rid of brassy and yellow hair.

7. Prepare your hair with purifying shampoo

If you have booked your next visit to the salon, prepare your hair with Björk RENA Purify Shampoo, it will cleanse your hair, get rid of build-up products and oils, and the hair color will penetrate your strands on a deeper level.

All Björk’s products are sustainable, made in Sweden, and vegan.

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