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Which Conditioner should I use for my hair type?


Have you ever tried a conditioner and not felt that you got the result that you were expecting? Today there are many different conditioners on the market. The result is depending on which hair type you have and what your hair craves. By finding out which hair type you have, and which product will fit your needs, you will see a big difference in the quality of your hair.

What is a conditioner?

Conditioner will moisturize your hair and detangle it. When you wash your hair with shampoo your natural oils can strip away. It will also slightly raise your hair’s cuticle. By using a conditioner after shampooing your hair, the conditioner will smooth down the cuticle and rehydrate your hair. The conditioner helps to restore your hair and prevent damage.

Laga Repairing

How often do I need to use a conditioner?

You should use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. It will give moisture, detangle, and smooth your hair. If your hair is dried out or color-treated, you can add conditioner more often. Somedays you just want to wash your hair – without shampooing it. Add conditioner those times to moisturize and make your hair more manageable.

Which conditioner do I need?

Depending on which hair type you have, your hair has different needs. A fine and thin hair usually needs something that gives volume and dry hair needs moisture. You can combine different shampoos and conditioners, for example, if you need a volumizing shampoo but your hair is damaged and you need more repairing properties. You can go for a repairing conditioner.

But here you will find some guidelines of which products probably will fit your needs:


Fine and thin hair:
If you have fine hair, your hair can have a tendency to feel greasy or that a conditioner will weigh your hair down. Therefore, you should use a lightweight conditioner that still gives your hair volume. Björk HÖJD Volume Conditioner contains vitamin B5 that provides volume, fullness, and elasticity. It also has birch extract that soothes your scalp and has a calming effect. This will detangle your hair and in the same way make it smooth, without weighing it down.

Dry hair:
When your hair is dry, it requires moisture. Björk FUKT hydrate conditioner contains argan- and sunflower oil. That will hydrate your hair, and in the same way, make it more smooth and shiny. Your hair will feel healthier and by adding FUKT Hydrate Treatment once a week you will totally see a difference in your hair. FUKT Hydrate Treatment is an intense hair mask that moisturizes your hair on a deeper level.

Damaged hair:
When your hair is damaged, it will probably be dried out too. When your hair is dry, it will be more fragile and damage is caused. If you choose a conditioner that has repairing properties and is also moisturized – you will add what your hair needs. Björk LAGA repair conditioner has a formula for damaged and dry hair. It contains repairing algae- and birch extract. That will add moisture to your hair and prevent damage.

Silver Conditioner for bleached hair:
Have you bleached your hair and yellow, brassy tones appear? AG Silver conditioner will neutralize unwanted tones in your hair, and in the same way nourish, smooth, and detangle your hair. It is rich in antioxidants with a formula of blueberry extract, sunflower oil, and birch extract that will soothe your scalp, neutralize tones and add shine.

All Björks conditioners are color safe. This means that you can choose your conditioner specifically for your hair type, even if you have dyed, bleached or natural hair.

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