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Which shampoo should I use for my hairtype?

Volumizing, moisturizing or repairing shampoo? It can be difficult to know which shampoo is right for your needs – and which shampoo you should use for your specific hair type. There are many factors that are important – you need to consider which hair type you have and your needs. Basically, you need to know your hair type, do you have thin hair and need something to volumize? Do you have curly hair and need something moisturized or do you have bleached, colored and dry hair and need more repairing properties?
However, we can help you find guidelines of which shampoo that fit your needs.

Deep cleansing Shampoo

A shampoo that the most people need – is a purifying shampoo. It is important if you use styling products or feel that the scalp is out of balance. You usually notice this by for example, dandruff, itching or irritation of the scalp. A purifying shampoo will remove styling products, build up of oils and dry shampoo.
By using a clarifying shampoo you get rid of all dirt and stubborn residue on your hair, and it will keep your strands residue-free.

Björk RENA Purify shampoo contains lime and green tea, they remove fat and products residues in your hair and fits all hair types.

Shampoo for dry or curly hair

If you have dry or curly hair, it is important to add extra moisture. By using FUKT Hydrate Shampoo it will add moisture, shine and smoothness to your hair. It contains birch extract and argan oil – which are two ingredients that are really moisturizing for the hair. It’s vegan and free from sulfates and parabens.

Shampoo for fine and thin hair

Do you feel that your hair is thin, lifeless and that your strands are very fine? HÖJD Volume shampoo is the shampoo that gives your hair increased volume. It contains vitamin B5 which gives your hair more fullness and elasticity, while strengthening your hair structure. HÖJD Volume shampoo contains birch extracts that have a calming effect on your scalp.

Silver Shampoo for blonde, bleached, gray, silver or brassy hair

Have you bleached your hair and find it difficult to maintain the color – or that yellow tones appear? AG Silver shampoo is what you need! It contains violet pigments and blueberry extracts that neutralize unwanted yellow shades in the hair. It will also add shine to your hair. You can find conditioners in all series.

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