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Why you should use heat protectant – our best tips

Do you usually use straighteners, curling irons or blow-dry your hair? Probably your answer is yes. Heating tools are something that most people use – and also a big reason why our hair becomes damaged.

What happens when you use heat on your hair?

Frizzy, damaged, and dry hair are three things that are usually caused by heating tools. When you use heat tools, the outer surface of the hair, the cuticle, gets damaged and loses its protective ability. This causes your hair color pigment changes, your hair will get less shiny and frizz appears.

However, we still need to get our hair dry and we still want to have the opportunity to get straight hair or fancy curls. Therefore, it is extremely important that when using heating tools – we need to protect our hair from being dry and damaged!

What is heat protectant?

Heat protectant adds a protective barrier around your hair. This protects the hair from external factors, it can be imitated by a shield around the hair.
When you apply heat protection to your hair, you get a protective layer on the hair that helps keep it safe from hot tools and prevent breakage. Your hair becomes more resistant.

When to use heat protectant?

Heat protectants must always be used. Whenever you blow-dry, straighten and curl your hair with irons, by using a heat protectant your hair will get a protective layer. Your hair will stay healthier, shinier and if you have dyed hair – the color will last longer.
In the same way that you protect your skin from the sun, your hair needs to be protected.
By using Björk SKYDDA heat protector your hair will get protected from heat and UV-radiance, it will also prevent frizzy hair, damage and make your hair more shiny.

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