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Our passion is to create products that are great for you – and sustainable over time. Therefore, our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. This allows us to offer you professional haircare products that gives you great results with a clear conscience.

In the creation of our products, we always try to think about what’s best for the planet, without affecting the great quality, look or feel of our products. Below you can read more about what material our packagings are made of, as well as how we work with sustainability, one step at a time.

You also get to know how you as a consumer can contribute to a more sustainable climate by recycling our products in the right way. Together we take responsibility and make a difference for the environment.


Shampoo and conditioner bottles
The material our bottles are made of varies slightly depending on the size. The shampoo bottles in 300ml are made of HDPE with 35% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic, the conditioner bottles in 250ml are made of PETG and our backbar products in 750ml of PET.

PCR plastic is made from recycled plastic – an excellent way to reduce our carbon footprint and make the production more sustainable. PET is probably one of the most reusable plastics, that most of us know. PETG is an adaptation of PET where ”G” stands for glycol, which is added to make the plastic even stronger and more durable.

Styling creams, waxes and treatments in tubes
The tubes in our product range are made of sugar cane – a renewable, biodegradable and fast growing growing resource. The use of sugar cane has a less negative impact on the environment and lower climate emissions compared to fossil plastics.

Waxes in jars
Our waxes in 75ml jars are made from Bioplast Mass Balance. A material that has been converted into plastic through the waste products of pine needles from logging, or discarded cooking oil from restaurants. 

Our spray cans with green propellant – such as Spraya Lagom or Skydda Torr, are made of aluminium. A material that can be recycled any number of times without losing its quality, making aluminum the absolute most beneficial material that can be recycled.

Other styling products
The packaging for our wet styling sprays such as Forma Salt or Forma Höjd Root Lifter, but also Tämja Multi Use Leave In Tamer, are made of HDPE with 35% PCR plastic.

Paper packaging and salon material
As far as possible, we always try to choose FSC-labeled paper for these productions – such as the packaging around our Tämja Flyaway Tamer or the paper bag you receive when purchasing a product from us at a salon. The FSC label stands for an environmentally responsible and profitable use of our forests. Read more at

Green Propellant

All manufacturing of our aerosol products are made with green propellant, which contributes to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide – an important part of slowing down global warming.

The green propellant is produced from food waste and other residual products and is classified by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Sustainability - Green propellant by mass balance

Recycle in the right way

In Sweden, we have clear guidelines for how source separation and recycling should be done for all kinds of materials that we consume – such as plastic, metal, glass, and paper. These recommendations are created in accordance with Swedish laws and regulations to benefit the environment and reduce our climate impact together. Therefore, we at Björk encourage you to follow these guidelines when a used product from us has run out. For specific guidance on recycling in your own country, please contact your local distributor.

When no more content (either gas or product) escapes from an aerosol, the product can be recycled as metal. It’s also fine for plastic parts that are attached in the aerosol to be included in the recycling, as these will burn up in the process and contribute energy when the metal is melted. Loose plastic parts however – such as the lid, are sorted as plastic packaging. Aerosol cans with content left, are handed in as hazardous waste.

Other assortment
All parts of the remaining products in our product range such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, wax jars and tubes – are sorted as plastic packaging. Although black plastic (such as our pumps and lids) today is considered difficult to sort in recycling facilities, work is currently being done to develop technologies that can make it recyclable in the future. We therefore encourage you to continue having the habit of sorting black plastic as well, in the same way as other plastic packaging.

Any packaging in cardboard around a product, such as our Taming Flyaway Tamer – is sorted as paper.

Proud partner of Bower

We’re partnering with Bower! This means that we take responsibility for recycling what we produce in accordance with national guidelines. Bower is an app that turns recycling into a rewarding habit for our consumers when they sort our packaging correctly.

Learn more at


We care

Caring for animals and our nature is something we think is important. Therefore, you can feel completely safe that all our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We will never test our products on animals or use anything other than vegan ingredients in our formulations. It’s as simple as that for us.


We always try to work with as short and environmentally friendly distances as possible when shipping our products. Within Sweden, the transport is always done by road, which also is our main choice when we export to other countries. However, in individual cases shipping outside of Sweden may need to be done by plane or boat.

The cartons in which we pack our products are FSC-labeled and comes from Europe’s leading supplier of paper. We also use paper and never any form of plastic bubble wrap as filling when we pack our packages, to protect the products during transport.

Our product certifications

GMP- Cosmetics stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a system to ensure that production is done according to requirements and with good traceability. Our production is at the forefront of the increasing European requirements.

ISO 14001 – The commitment to continuous environmental improvement (companies, processes, personnel, products, customers). District heating in all processes, 100% renewable energy and a closed.

ISO 9001 – Commitment to continuous quality improvement (companies, processes, personnel, products, customers).

ISO 45001 –
The commitment to continuous work environment improvement and a safer workplace for all employees.

ISO 22716:2007 – Cosmetic GMP and the basis of our business. Legal obligation towards consumers and authorities.